Welcome to Ocean Fossils

As manufacturing jewellers, we specialise in supplying retailers with an extensive and comprehensive range of jewellery utilising fossilised shark teeth.


Provide a top quality, well-packaged product at a reasonable price. We focus on long-term relationships with our customers and look forward to establishing new ones.

All of the materials used in the manufacture of our products are of the finest quality and every care is taken to ensure all your customers are happy with our products.


All the shark teeth in our collections are fossils and are between 300,000 and 60 million years old. We have never and will never trade in any modern/fresh shark teeth. As a supplier to many shark cage diving operations and aquariums our positive environmental credentials are hopefully as important to you as they are to us.

Shark teeth will always be hugely popular. It is our aim to stamp out the desire for any modern/fresh shark teeth by providing an equally popular, interesting, beautiful, professionally packaged alternative, which has no impact upon the oceans eco system.

Please browse our product page for more information and contact sales@oceanfossils.com for a current pricelist.

Ocean Fossils are world leaders in the manufacture of point of sale packaged fossil shark teeth jewellery and silver capped fossil shark teeth. We currently supply fossilised: Tiger shark teeth, Otodus Obliquus shark teeth, Ragged Tooth shark teeth, Great White shark teeth, Lemon shark teeth, Bull shark teeth, Hemipristis shark teeth, Megalodon shark teeth and Crocodile teeth.